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City of Meridian

Electrical Plans Examiner - City of Meridian

Job Title : Electrical Plans Examiner
Job Description : Performs comprehensive electrical plan reviews, on every commercial and residential project, alteration or remodel submitted to the City of Meridian. Verify through plan review, plan review corrections and re-submittal that all project submittals meet the minimum life safety compliance of the adopted National Electrical Codes and other resources and reference materials as adopted by the City of Meridian prior to permit issuance. Plan review shall include, but not be limited to any and all building electrical projects and electrical applications received by the City of Meridian. Incumbent will utilize several tools such as enterprise software, plan review software and plan review checklists. Incumbent shall provide written plan review reports to applicants and design professionals to ensure accuracy and consistency of all plan reviews. Performs electrical plan review of all resubmittal and plan modifications to verify that identified deficiencies have been corrected prior to final approval. Prepares plans and documents for issuance of permits. Trains and provides technical support to other electrical plans examiner staff and electrical inspectors. Incumbent works independently within a scheduled routine receiving general direction and supervision from the Building Plans Examiner Supervisor. For additional information and to apply, go to:
Jurisdiction/Company/Organization : City of Meridian
Application Deadline : 7/14/2018
Link to Website :
Wage Type : Hourly
Low Wage : 20.09
High Wage : 25.66
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